A is for Banana

The time is ripe for thinking differently. A is for Banana is inspired by principles of cognitive neuroscience. We reinvent the traditional alphabet book and empower children to question the norm and think creatively.  It’s never too early to think differently and learn that As are not only for Apples. Developmental science research proves that children learn best when environments are neither too simple nor too complex.  We apply cutting-edge science to create a book that reinvents the rules and inspires our brain to open up to a world of possibilities. Children learn optimally with socially engaged adults. That’s why we designed a book for children and adults to read together. It’s why graphic design and cognitive neuroscience converge in A is for Banana

The “Designed to Develop” Approach

A book for all ages – A is for Banana is carefully designed to develop with infants and children.  The 3-9 month old baby will enjoy interacting with you and looking at the pictures. Your baby will enjoy seeing you hide your face behind the book and then re-appear. As language skills unfold, children discover ways that letters and sounds relate. Your 12 to 18 month old will enjoy pointing to the pictures and engaging with you as you turn the pages and identify the objects on the page. By 20 to 36 months of age, children may begin to identify various letters in the alphabet.  As children master language, they begin to appreciate that “A is for Banana” is not the norm.  It’s silly and unconventional. Your child reaches a new phase of cognitive development marked by endless possibilities for creative thinking, play, and discovery.